Let Me Fall

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Let Me Fall MP3
From The Camp Creek Boys of North Carolina.

KEY OF A: Fiddles tuned to AEAE, Banjos tuned to aEAC#E



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Whole Band – dance speed

Whole Band – slow


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Fiddle 2

Fiddle 1


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If I get drunk, if I get drunk,
Just let me fall, little darlin’, on the ground.


Oh me, oh my,
Let me fall, let me fall, let me fall.


Weep and moan, weep and moan,
Carry me home little darlin’, take me home.


On the ground, on the ground,
Just let me fall, little darlin’, on the ground.


Lay me down, lay me down,
Just lay me down little darling on the ground.


Old hard road, old hard road,
Kill me dead, kill me dead, kill me dead.


Tie my shoes, tie my shoes,
If I get drunk, little darlin; tie my shoes.


Let me fall, on my knees,
Let me fall little darlin’ on my knees.

Source: Tommy Jarrell (Mt. Airy, N.C.)