Gate to go Through

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Gate To Go Through – Source MP3
From Jimmie Johnson’s String Band of Kentucky

Other Versions:

Open The Gate – by Tom, Brad, and Alice
Gate to Go Through – by Clyde Davenport

KEY OF G: Fiddles tuned to GDAE, Banjos tuned to gDGBD



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Whole Band


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–> A recording of Sophie playing Gate to Go Through

Fiddle – Faster then slower at 1:10 mark


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A very simple version of Gate to go Through tabbed out.

Banjo – Slow then faster at the 1:18 mark


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From Jimmie Johnson’s recording:

Open the gate and walk on through
Find an old dog but he won’t bite you

Why in the world to the people all know
I take sugar in my coffee-o

Additional lyrics from Tom, Brad, and Alice’s recording of Open the Gate:

Open up the gate and open it wide
Walk on through to the other side