SBC Fiddle 1

This class is for fiddlers who have some experience with their instrument and want to take part in Stringband Class, but would like to learn at a slightly slower pace and in a smaller group.

When learning tunes in a group setting, it is essential to be able to pick up melodies and rhythms by ear.  And in order to play with others you must be able to lead a tune with confidence.

We will work on these skills needed to be successful in a group situation.  In addition, we will continue to develop the essential techniques required for all fiddling: tone, intonation,  and rhythm. We will build all of these skills in the context of some basic exercises and by learning several of the current Stringband Class tunes at a pace that is comfortable for the group.  In addition, students enrolled in this class will:

  • Have access to Stringband Class student login pages with source music and demonstration videos for the tunes in the current session
  • Stay for the instructor demos and large, multi-instrument jams at the beginning of the 7pm SBC
  • Have use of a classroom in Pacific Crest where you can continue to practice material covered while the larger SBC meets
  • Attend the 4th Stringband Class meeting (with Fiddle 2s, Banjos, and Guitars) where we focus on playing in small, multi-instrument groups
  • Participate in the final class potluck and jam session with the larger Stringband Class group


8 Tuesday Evenings

9/30, 10/7 & 10/14: 6:00 – 7:15pm

10/21:  7-8:30pm

10/28, 11/4 & 11/11: 6:00 – 7:15pm

11/18 (final class potluck starts at 6:30, jamming ends at 9pm)


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