SBC Fiddle Section

Dear fiddlers,

This fall we continue to offer two sections of String Band Class fiddle:

Fiddle 1, meets during the hour before regular SB Class, and occasionally overlaps with it. It is intended to be an option for fiddlers who could use some work on technique before joining the big group, or who have taken SB Class before and found themselves struggling to keep up. It will be offered in lieu of the Sunday review class. Fiddle 1 students will learn four of the six tunes and will stay for the beginning of regular SB Class to hear the teachers demonstrate tunes and participate in big group jams. They will also be invited to join in the regular class meetings devoted to jamming: weeks 4 and 8.

Fiddle 2 students stay in the regular SB Class. We will continue to learn 6 tunes, and devote some time each week to working on more advanced old-time fiddle techniques.

This is something I’ve done in an effort to give my students the most helpful and enjoyable experience possible. I want to emphasize that ‘Fiddle 1’ is an option for those of you who are interested, and it is definitely up to you to decide which section you would like to join. My main goal is for everyone to have fun making music together.

Please visit the description pages for Fiddle 1 and Fiddle 2 to make a choice and register. If you are unsure about what section to take or have any other questions, please email me. None of this is set in stone and if you’d like to move during the session, we can definitely discuss that.